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“We all need illusions. That’s why we love movies”. -Monica Bellucci



Introducing The Google Drive

Hoy en la clase de informática 103, aprendimos sobre la plataforma Google Drive. Esta plataforma nos sirve para almacenamiento de documentos digitales, es decir archivo de todo tipo. Normalmente Google Drive le da al usario de 10-15 Gigas, sin embargo a los estudiantes nos da una cantidad ilimitada de Gigas para nuestro uso. Además tiene las siguientes “apps”: 

  • Slides(funciona como Power Point)
  • Word processing( funciona igual que Word en Microsoft)
  • Spreadsheets ( Se utiliza como Excel)

En la actividad de hoy en el salón de clase hicimos la funcion principal de Google Drive, lo cual fue trabajar en un documento en la cual todos podiamos trabajar al mismo tiempo. Otras de las funciones del “Drive” es que se puede saber quién escribió y aportó. 

Introduction to Google Drive [Video provided by Edtech4Class.CC]

Aquí les muestro el progreso del trabajo.

Valla Jesus que responsable

Todo estamos como que ¿eh?

Los emails a la cual se envió el documento

La plataforma Google Drive

El Documento

Let’s Talk Logan

One of the most iconic character in the marvel franchise has come to an end in the big screen. With legendary actor Hugh Jackman deciding to hang up the claws,but put them on his final act after 17 years of portraying The Wolverine and 10 movies the old man has come to an end. Winner of a Golden Globe,an Emmy and a Tony it brings us sadness to see him retire,personally for me i have accepted this but it was a surprise when heard this.But enough praising the guy let’s talk about the movie.

Image result for logan imax poster

[photo of Logan Imax Poster provided by google.CC]


This movie is not for kids,don’t go see this with a little cousin or son just don’t. This movie is special for many reasons other than the obvious that he’s going to die, if by now you haven’t seen it some spoilers will follow this entry. The movie starts just plain depressing in a far future where mutants don’t exist anymore we see our favorite x-men being a limo driver drinking and  taking pain killers just to pass the day all of this is part of this is because he’s old and his powers but we will get into that later only a handful of mutants exist but in the movie the only mutants are:Logan,Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Caliban.

What you will see is not a thrill ride but one hell of way to say goodbye so get your tissues ready. We see the founder of the x-men all kinds of messed up the old man has Alzheimer’s and gets massive seizures that can literally kill you. Meanwhile Logan has scars all over him heck the movie stars with him getting mugged a by some Mexicans (WRONG move) trying to steal his car’s rings while this happens he tells them to not do it and immediately gets shot after a fight breaks out only that he’s claws don’t pop completely. As i was sitting in the audience i felt sad because he’s and old timer defending himself and seeing that claws don’t go all the way like we always see in other movies of course he wins the fight but this one will leave some scars…literally.

giphy (2)

[Logan wound provided by:giphy.CC]

Let give you a little context of why he’s old those that know skip this. To start Logan powers are on a biological level,i can hear you saying what hell does that mean? Read on this, powers the likes of professor X don’t diminish over time his body will get weaker but powers are the same because its telekinesis it will always be there but with Logan the only way he gets older is that every 1o-15 years that pasted  Logan shows signs of aging by 1 year so he’s aging is slowed down and he’s being alive since 1832-2029 that’s 200 years alive fought The Civil War both WWI&WWII and The Cold War. Not only  is he old but imagine carrying in your body metal the healing factor is constantly fighting the metal poisoning every day to put it in context he got the adamantium since 1970’s. So to wrap it up as he ages his powers also age with him. if you want to know more about The Wolverine and his powers here a link Logan’s Healing Factor .

giphy (1)

[Logan timelapse provided by:giphy.CC]

Now I know those that seen the movie are screaming why haven’t you talked about X-23 a.k.a Laura Kinney Wolverine’s daughter/female clone?!! That’s what this movie is all about I know you are surprised if you haven’t seen it or heard of this bear with me here. Long story short the Essex corporation had wolverine’s blood and infused it with this little girl and created a female version with two claws and one in each foot. Here’s the thing this evil corporation is hunting down her and others like her she was human and know she is man-made mutant with Wolverine’s blood running through her veins its makes her his daughter got the healing factor and adamantium claws just in the claws.


[Logan and Laura provided by:giphy.CC]

This is where the movie gets its plot you see after 200 years Logan is not only dying but he has lost so much in his life, friends, family, loved ones (several times) and to discover to have a daughter he does not want to be involved because everything precious to him has been taken away so it’s a constant battle between his responsibilities and not having to get hurt again. And this is where it gets personal you see him always with bruises all over him scars and fights until the end and goes out like champion. Hugh Jackman made this final portrayal the best he’s ever done but Dafne Keen (Laura Kinney) was unbelievably outstanding. The movie will play with like chew toy so be ready and enjoy one more time the *snikt* of the claws.




Life through Art

Máximo Rafael Colón, fotógrafo, nació en Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Estudió en la Escuela de Artes Visuales en Nueva York. Sus fotografías en su exposición presentan lo que yo quiero llamarle “Life through Art”. Máximo presenta mediante sus fotos el mundo a través de un lens; presentando temas como la patria, política, música, religión entre otras. Colón, además de presentar los temas mencionados anteriormente mediante sus fotografías, también se dedica al montaje de la Devoción a la religión en varias obras de arte. Sus fotografías son impresionantes, ya que capturó momentos en específicos en la cual cómo un pintor proyecta el sentimiento a la hora de pintar. Muchas de sus fotos detallan una parte en la historia, ya sea un evento que marcó la humanidad o un evento de poco impacto social. Aquí les traigo 3 de las fotos que me impactaron:

Displaying IMG_3305.JPG

[Falsa esperanza,PR 1972 proveídas por exposición de Máximo Rafael Colon en USC.CC]

Aquí nos presenta el sentir del pueblo puertorriqueño en el pasado y hoy día, en la cual se hace la pregunta: ¿Ser parte de los E.E.U.U. resuelve el problema de PR?

Displaying IMG_3304.JPG
[Tango en La Habana ,Cuba 2013 proveídas por exposición de Máximo Rafael Colon en USC.CC]

Me gusta cómo Colón, además de documentar los eventos importantes, también te hace pensar en lo que realmente importa: El Amor.

Displaying IMG_3302.JPG

[Concierto del Zapatero en 2nda Ave,NYC,1975 proveídas por exposición de Máximo Rafael Colon en USC.CC]

¿Zapatero o músico? solamente porque seamos buenos en algo no significa que eso es lo que debemos hacer por el resto de nuestras vidas. En fin, haz lo que te apasione.

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The Internet: Friend or Foe?

The internet a glorious tool of the 21th century. I use it for everything, from simply a question to just finding the nearest McDonald’s.  Most of my time is spent on the most mainstream sites known as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  It’s a fascinating place extensive on knowledge. I can do anything in there, from just learning to do things like knowing how to cook to finding out things I didn’t know about, for example: How does Earth orbit around the sun? (give it a search, it’s quite interesting to read).

After I search for a simple question, answers start to pop up. It gives me everything on the subject, subtopics like: Who discovered this? When was it discovered? How does it work?  In the most simplest terms, the internet is the most amazing thing humanity has ever created. We use it for everything, however,  have you ever thought it’s impact on your life and the impact in all the other general aspects?, let me give you a interesting read on the subject.

the world wide web

[ world wide web photo provided by : frankieleon. CC]

The internet, humanity’s ally or its biggest threat? YOU decide which is which.

The internet’s impact on my life is one of mixed opinions and emotions . On one side, it’s the greatest thing that has ever occurred on history, but it’s consequences… not so much. It has been a debate whether the internet is good or bad, and it’s actually both. In my experience, too much of something is bad for you and too little of something is also bad. In this information age, most of the entirety of the world is connected and the bombardment of information is daily, at such an extent that I can say that with every minute that passes there’s something new on the internet.

Mostly, YouTube for entertainment,  Facebook and Twitter for reading take the top list of my compromised time in the internet; without realizing this takes at least one or two hours of my day. For example, when I wake up, nowadays if there’s nothing to do I simply reach my phone and repeat the pattern of entering all kinds of social media platforms. This time, I use it for longer periods of time, which because of that I lose the whole day on my phone… and that is bad.


1- Physical inactivity: It has been identified has the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. See more of this down below.

2- Unproductive: When you spend 24 hours with very little breaks on nothing either than the back and forth of the same social media platforms, you have a problem. We become so docile that if we can’t find anything to do we always go to the internet and literally spend hours upon hours, which is bad for our health too.

3- Wasting your time on stuff that does not compose anything in your life: 99.9% of the time we waste our time liking, commenting and sharing photos, videos and posts at the end of the day not all compose something significant in your life.

And now that we know the cons’, let see the pros’ of being active in the internet.

1-Search-ability of ANYTHING: It’s amazing the amount of information you get from just a simple word. I have searched  everything from job applications to things related to physics. Furthermore, in this modern era everything revolts around the internet.

2-It’s a tool for YOUR future: Back in the day, if you wanted to work or study in a University you needed to go the library or search the yellow pages. With the internet, you can do this in a week. You can search what you like! Things such as jobs, colleges that offer what you want and if certain jobs will still be good professions in the next 4 years.

3-Internet=Evolution: It’s my personal opinion that the web will substitute everything in daily lives. Such things as the need for an office, education, maps, malls and TV. Its rapid advance will continue and it will evolve into The Everything.

If i lived in the past, would I live without internet?

Yes, of course. I would have lived perfectly without any form of advanced technology. Back  then, if you wanted to research a topic or any other thing you would have to go to the library and read about it, take notes. And in terms of entertainment back then (in my opinion) it was good, everything was watchable and hearable. Now, radio stations repeat the same songs and the TV is all about news and reality shows.

This is my standpoint on the internet. This is my experience with it. This is my premise. Now, you be the judge. The internet: friend or foe?