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“We all need illusions. That’s why we love movies”. -Monica Bellucci




The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2

[Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 photo provided by:Google.CC]

The sequel to the amazing and mesmerizing film of Marvel studios comes back better than ever.Full emotional moments,action and of course it’s signature comedy.Although many have criticized this movie with mixed reviews my experience was amazing and the soundtrack is amazing which i am hooked on. My opinion is that this movie is a new refreshing taste on the Guardians with higher stakes and more development towards Infinity War.

[GOTG Vol.2 photo provided by Google.CC]

Many reviews have been really good and bad for what the movies is. Most people liked it and enjoyed it from start to finish to see their favorite mischiefs but heroes back for more action and saving the galaxy again. There will be no spoilers here and this is my opinion and review so disclaimer on those who didn’t liked it. The movie itself is amazing every department killed it although it’s plot is not very good but what they used to make it good and how they executed was outstanding. This film makes the Guardians be a real family because they said there family it’s not the same saying it and being a family. Nevertheless the Guardians went on a emotional journey as an individual and a team. Even though it’s plot is a simple one the situations that occurred to the Guardians as an individual changed the way they are. The best character development in the movie was Micheal Rooker’s Yondu (you will see why).

This film was very well executed from start to finish even though they got a little sloppy. Everyone gets character development and they need it for the culmination of Marvel with Infinity War coming. The Guardians learned and revived from the ashes like phoenix with new and beautiful feathers. I recommend it on my scale it gets the res seal of approval and go watch it and remember we are Groot. 

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Guardians of The Galaxy 

[Guardians of The Galaxy photo provided by:Google.CC]

One of Marvels greatest hit in theaters Guardians is one the best movies that marvel has ever done. With this film Marvel added a little spice to their movie making recipe. An all star cast staring with Chris Pratt, one of hollywoods greatest actors they have to date followed by former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista who made an excellent performance and we got one of the most badass women in film Zoe Saldana you may know her in “Colombiana” also we got the ridiculous duo of Bradley Cooper whose career is kinda of shaky but thanks to Guardians is having a good revival and Vin Diesel as a three word talking character. With a cast like this nothing could go wrong, right? WRONG there have been A-list actors in movie with good acting but poor execution Guardians gambled with this and they won the Jackpot.

[Guardians of The Galaxy gif provided by:Google.CC]

Marvel style of movie changed forever with Guardians of The Galaxy compelling plot, relatable characters who aren’t heroes but just people, raccoon and Ent doing the necessary to survive in the galaxy but the not right way add stick them together and forcing them to act for more than themselves and the occasional comedy and The Best Soundtrack and you got an amazing over the top that will change the way the studio makes films. 

[Guardians of The Galaxy photo provided by:Google.CC]

This film is in the hearts and mind of the people. To see this comic book brought to life in the big screen it was the best gamble in Marvel history. Up until this point when Guardians had come out Marvel saw the formula that will make all of its movies a hit in theaters. Because most movies know a days is full action,sloppy plot and the end or it just doesn’t compel the audience to stay glued to the screen. Although director James Gunn had other plans and made the masterpiece we know and love. 

Informática en Cine

In world where technology and science advances where does filmmaking have a place? well that was our job to find how does technology work with movies, and what we found was amazing. We found that movies have evolved as the same as technology back in the day to make a person drop from a distance you would have to play with physics and make it work. But know with a simple green screen and good editing you can be in space without having to go there and film. Our work as group was fun and illuminating we found in ourselves more than just acquaintances but friendship that will be remembered.

Here’s a link to our paper on Film&Technology

And here is our powerpoint presentation on the project Informática en Cine

Hidden Figures

The story of three African-American women who helped take man to space and the moon while battling racism and segregation of black people. The film impacts with the treatment of the black community to think that the closest bathroom was in the next building or that they had separate coffee machines. And with all the opposition this three women took what they wanted because they worked and persevered thorough everything and got the top. This films shows how horrible was the segregation of black people and women. 

[Hidden Figures poster photo provided by:Google.CC]

This three women where the best NASA had to offer a mathematician,an engineer and a supervisor took man to the moon during the iconic “Race to space” between USA and Russia in the 1960’s. These shows us that these women up until now where the unsong heroines of one humanities greatest achievements. If weren’t for their math we would not have Neil Armstrong’s one liner “one small step for man,One giant leap for mankind”. This is why they are called hidden figures because in the history books they don’t say that grand part of man going to the moon was made possible by three women they are figures who helped and launched forward the USA for the win in that “Space Race.

Hidden Figures gif provided by:giphy.CC

It’s films like these that bring the unsung heroes to the light to show what really happened. This product was not only to showcase another film about racism in the US, but to show history how it really is and they should make more films like that. Because know a days most films are to fill the theater and get money not for the love of art. My opinion is history is one the greatest source of movies to show what happened in key points in humanity that changed the course wether for good or bad. Also not show American history they should make other countries history that changed them and the world. And that’s what in my opinion Hidden Figures achieved with this film.

La La Land, a Masterpiece beyond our comprehension…

[LaLaland photo provided by:google.CC]

 From the scenery,the colors,clothes,characters to the script” La La land ” is a masterpiece. Its very important that you,the viewer pay attention to the smallest of details that the movies shows us every change in scene,reference and even clothes. Its a masterpiece because it compels you to be glued from start to finish think of it as the best roller-coaster of your life ,it builds the tension sets exceptions and you descend into your emotions without control (seen it four,cried four times) it plays with you like a chew toy.

[La La Land photo provided by: google.CC]

 In order to understand how the filmmakers made such a movie we can’t neglect the nuts and bolts of movie-making in trying to achieve particular effects, filmmakers have crafted traditions,favored options bounded by loose limits. Mostly these traditions grow up intuitively, as solutions that just feel right. In any case, behind the cluster of preferred practices  we can often find principles of design and execution that can be made explicit. From the Music to the dance scenes and songs where excuted beautifully click here to go behind the magic in La La Land.

[LaLaLand gif provided by:giphy.CC]

This film is amazing to see with a partner,spouce,fiancé,wife whoever really. It shows Hollywoods real struggle to make it in show business it’s a sacrifice that all actors have faced and this just doesn’t show case the struggles of hollywood but of life and love itself. How much are you willing to take to make it?, At what point you say it’s enough?, What are you willing to do for making your dream come true? these are a few of many questions that La La Land makes you ask yourself. This film will leave a mark on you, if you are in the struggle of hollywood or life this movie will teach you many things being the good,the bad and the ugly.

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Moana the film that captivated our hearts with its message and songs. This movie showed strong messages to the public from nature to being who you want to be, these messages are as clear as day. Moana is a daughter of a village and she is soon to be the next chief of that village all throughout first part of the movie you see the pressure of her dad trying to indoctrinate her into want he wants not she what she wants, we see this every day with parents pressuring their sons and daughters to be who what they should think must be and not who you really must be. In Moana, we get a glimpse of truth and failure from the real world in the scene where she takes a boat sales beyond the reef and gets blasted back from the ocean back to the shore because she doesn’t know how to sail. That happens with most of us we think know about what we want but we tend to know nothing. If you want to be a psychologist then you must know everything from psychology that way when you get into the psychology world you don’t get lost and you don’t disappoint yourself.

[Moana poster photo provided by:Google.CC]

Also, another message Moana shows is to be conscious of nature that she does provide for us but we must protect it. We should act immediately for our future and the future of those who will come in the way that the film presents this is that this deity called “Te Fiti” has a heart that gives life to everything but it was stolen and she became this lava monster called “Te Ka”, who wanted to destroy everything. This film is so much more than just another Disney movie it’s a message to be conscious of nature and to be truly yourself.

[Moana gif provided by:giphy.CC]

 Also I have to point out the amazing performance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Maui if you haven’t heard him sing here’s a link to it although if you haven’t seen the movie you have been literately living under a rock, get it?

The Power Rangers 

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The Power Rangers the 90’s kids childhood made into a movie.Back then the Power Rangers where just teenage super heroes that magically where transported to a base and where given the title and they with no knowledge whatsoever accepted the fate of being the rangers without question or hesitation. What this movie did was give Power Rangers new life. Admittedly they took some few cliché things *coughs The Breakfast Club*, but joking aside it’s a new start for what could be the revival of a series. New faces and incredible actors such as Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston as Zordon. With these new faces and today’s technology they can make a saga that would take the rangers to the next level. 
They weren’t simply The Power Rangers from the start no to be a ranger it’s having spandex costume and fighting evil from the goodness of your heart in this film they reject what there calling, they trained, they built them up. *coughs Avengers* they didn’t knew each other actually “the rangers” hated each other but slowly but surely they became the rangers. This film also incorporates something never before done and that is 360 movement. It’s a continuous shot filmed in 360 degrees, which incorporates a whole new way of filming we have seen videos in 360 but never a scene from a movie.

[Power Rangers gif provided by:giphy.CC]

The Power Rangers is an exceptional film and new beginning for a franchise and good films. If they continue this rhythm of good filming they should make a very good franchise.

The Founder

[The founder poster photo provided by:Google.CC]

A movie of how our favorite restaurant came to be,its a story of perseverance and inspiration to making what you want true even if opposed by others. To begin the founder of Mcdonald Mr. Ray Krock isn’t the original founder but two brothers names Matt and Dick Mcdonald who running a burger operation with method called the speedy system in which food was served in 30 seconds. Krock impressed with this he saw more to Mcdonald than the two brothers ever saw. If you could serve a burger,fries and a soda in 30 seconds that is something special (for the time which was 1950’s) Ray saw the chance to create what we know today as multimillion dollar franchise.

Ray Krock by all means he’s an inspirational ass)0!3 he took little by little the Mcdonald’s rights. Becuase he made a contract with them to expand so when you think about it if you are expanding you are buying land so he became a real state agent and began buying land and little by little he took Mcdonald’s by force. Ray became an unstoppable force and his idea of a family friendly franchise became an instant success. 

This film is an inspiring story of how an idea became a reality. People now a days need the determination Ray Krock had when he saw the potential that the Mcdonald’s presented he went for it without thinking twice. The path to success is a wild ride we have to be prepared for what comes. In life we have to take a chance like Ray Krock did and take our destiny and make it our own. We have to take a chance and tame the wild ride that is life.

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The Shining 

[The shining poster photo provided by:Google.CC]

A cult classic film from another novel from Stephen King.The Shining was produced by no other than Stanley Kubrick with films like “A clockwork’s Orange” and Full metal jacket” King’s novel was in good hands after all the budget was 19 million and it grossed out an outstanding 44.4 millions at the box office in North America. With protagonist Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance the film has you from start to finish on the edge of your seat with this psychological horror. 

Psychological Horror unlike normal Horror plays with the perception of the mind to question what’s real,if there’s really something in the dark or are you going insane and it’s all product of your imagination. Kubrick translated perfectly with the screenplay to the directing,most kubrick movies are known to be like in somewhat eerie and discomforting of what you are seeing nevertheless at the same time ingenious of what he’s achieving his goal to make you believe that you are seeing is believable within realm of our reality. Also to see one of the best performances from Jack Nicholson to see the progression from sane to insane is outstandingly overwhelming.Nicholson is in his natural territory from the way he physically looks to the way he talks he makes it seeing as he’s not even trying.
This movie is a testament of what a psychological horror movie should be.although kubrick had altercations with King it had it success and that is what kubrick wanted what we all wanted.In a way Kubrick’s Shining out shined King’s Shinning. Becuase the point of making an adaptation is not be identical but similar with little or huge difference. It is a different view on how the story should go and there’s nothing wrong with that but it is our ego and sense of appropriateness that makes things like these so difficult.

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Introducing The Google Drive

Hoy en la clase de informática 103, aprendimos sobre la plataforma Google Drive. Esta plataforma nos sirve para almacenamiento de documentos digitales, es decir archivo de todo tipo. Normalmente Google Drive le da al usario de 10-15 Gigas, sin embargo a los estudiantes nos da una cantidad ilimitada de Gigas para nuestro uso. Además tiene las siguientes “apps”: 

  • Slides(funciona como Power Point)
  • Word processing( funciona igual que Word en Microsoft)
  • Spreadsheets ( Se utiliza como Excel)

En la actividad de hoy en el salón de clase hicimos la funcion principal de Google Drive, lo cual fue trabajar en un documento en la cual todos podiamos trabajar al mismo tiempo. Otras de las funciones del “Drive” es que se puede saber quién escribió y aportó. 

Introduction to Google Drive [Video provided by Edtech4Class.CC]

Aquí les muestro el progreso del trabajo.

Valla Jesus que responsable

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Los emails a la cual se envió el documento

La plataforma Google Drive

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